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Craglorn Emphasizes the O in TESO

By Kathy_McGraw09-04-2014

Not even a week has passed since The Elder Scrolls Online launched, and Zenimax Online are already pushing out more content: The Adventure Zone of Craglorn. You'll need to be a minimum of level 10 to get the most out of it, and if you don't want to get your butt handed to you, you'd better bring some friends. Four or more to be exact. As you and your group explore Craglorn, you'll encounter instanced mini-dungeons called delves. Each contains its own boss and skyshard.

Additionally, Craglorn introduces trials. Trials are TESO's version of large group PVE content, and you will need an army of 12 or more if you hope to survive. Trials are meant to be punishingly challenging, with loads of environmental dangers, a crazy amount of monsters, and a limited number of resurrections. Those who manage to complete the trials with the least number of resurrections, as measured on a leaderboard, will earn big rewards.

I can't say that I'm surprised that the first content pack out is tailored to group play. After all, TESO is an MMO. It's meant to be experienced with other players. It's a bit disappointing, however, for players who prefer to adventure alone.

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