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Crafting Scrolls, or Elder Scroll Characters?

By Toast19-10-2013

For anyone out there that has played an Elder Scrolls game, very likely you all have at some point, you'll be familiar with character creation. Well, it'll be an important aspect to the Elder Scrolls Online, which isn't all that surprising given the fact that they're previously stated that they want to make the experience of TES:O to be much like the previous games.

"Even though creating your character is just the first step on your adventure, it's an important one. We want to give you the tools you need to realize the hero you're already envisioning."

State Bethesda on their TES:O blog.  You can expect to choose from the typical selection of races (including Khajiit, nice!), sexes and of course shape their outward appearance, among other things. They understand how important it is to us that we want to look as tough, or as silly as possible. Hopefully I can get some yellow clothing and golden skin...

Anyway we still have some time to wait, as we won't be able to access it (unless you're one of those lucky ones with closed beta access) till early next year. Let's hope there're no delays, right?

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