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Craft Like a Craftsman

By MrJenssen22-02-2014

Crafting is hardly a new feature for MMO RPGs. Age of Conan had a pretty robust system where you could gather plants and resources around the world to craft weapons, armor, gems and other things with. The Elder Scrolls Online seems to employ a very similar system, judging by the footage presented in the video above. If you've played TES: Skyrim, you'll already understand the basics of crafting. Find the necessary resources and a blueprint, then craft that item. The items can be upgraded with more resources, and there is even a little risk-reward mechanic tied into this system. You can opt to collect as many tempers as needed to have a 100% chance that the item will be properly upgraded, but you can also take your chances using less tempers, and still hope the upgrade works out.

There really isn't much more to say about the crafting. If you've played any other modern open-world RPG, then you already have a pretty good idea. Like with so many other elements, TES: Online does not seem to stray very far from the standard template set by others before it. The game is bound for release on June 4 this year, so I suppose we'll have to wait until then before we can know whether TES: Online is a multiplayer Elder Scrolls game, or just a generic MMO with the Elder Scrolls logo slapped on top for boosted sales.

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With Khajit now looking like lion people, you just know there's going to be more yiffing than crafting done at places like that.

Also, I imagine the finished game will have a steady trickle of people running into legendary ruins to craft legendary sets.

"Hey Bob, crafted some Legendary Septim Armor, did ya?"
"Hell yeah, Suzie, did like 5 of them"