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Cracow Projekt Rad

By Bobfish05-08-2013

Those crazy poles who blessed us with The Witcher games have opened a new studio in Cracow. How exactly a group of cylindrical pieces of metal, driven into the ground to prevent children from leaving the schoolyard made a game is a mystery that I am sure will never be solved. They don't even have hands! And those pointy ends would scratch all the discs. A true testament to perseverance if ever I saw one.

But seriously, this may not seem like news at this point, given they made this intention quite clear back in June. But there's a little more to the story than we were first told. As well as continuing to support develoment on Wild Hunt and Cyberpunk 2077, Adam Badowski, the CEO, gave a statement which hints at plans further down the line.

"A new studio, new people and new energy - we're growing and we're extremely excited that we can tap into the potential that Cracow has to offer. We want to continue to make better and better RPGs and the new studio is another big step in that direction. Cracow, one of the cultural and scientific centers of Europe, is a really special place that will leave a significant mark on our games."

This could all be nothing more than a confirmation of their dedication to their existing projects. But something in the wording makes me think there's more to this than meets the eye. I advise keeping a very close watch on these crafty iron ninjas. They are up to something!

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I love them as devs so this is great news.