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Cracken's Battlefront Dossier

By WskOsc20-04-2015

The Design Director for Star Wars Battlefront, Niklas Fergraeus (@DICEfigge) has hosted a Q&A session on Twitter over the weekend and revealed some more info about the upcoming, and much anticipated game.
It's too early to judge yet so we'll let you decide for yourself whether these clues are going to lead to a solid case, or have DICE held in contempt.

There will be four planets in the game launch, no confirmation yet on what those will be other than the enigmatic promise of "We're going to take you places you've never been before." Additionally, Mr Fegraeus has confirmed that there will be more than the previously rumoured 8 maps at launch and that these map sizes will vary in size to "cater to a different experience and game modes".

Fans of the space combat in Battlefront 2 may want to stick fingers in ears as it's expected that space combat may not be present but pilots will be able to battle it out in the skies with their starfighters. While we're on the topic of piloting, confirmed vehicles include: AT-STs, X-Wings and TIE Fighters but no word on the iconic AT-ATs or Y-Wings.

On the more technical side of things, the target frame rate for console versions of Battlefront will be 60 FPS. When on foot players will also be able to toggle between a first- and third-person camera at will and solo or cooperative play with bots, either online or offline has also been confirmed as a feature called Missions.
Additionally the trailer released a couple of days ago at Star Wars Celebration 2015 was created and filmed using in-engine assets so at least it looks pretty. The shield seen in that trailer is confirmed to be one of many powerups present in the game.

As expected for a modern online shooter there will be a progression and unlocks system as well as achievements. Presumably the unlocks system will also tie into the promise of "having great freedom" to customise the way you play.
Heroes also make a return, with little information revealed other than that they are highly dependent on what game mode is being played. We do at least know that Boba Fett and Darth Vader are present.

Finally we have a bit of trivia, not really revealing much of the game but perhaps shining a small light of hope into the jaded souls of those who saw the prequel trilogy; DICE are focusing on the original trilogy, hence why the game has been 're-booted' instead of titled "Battlefront 3"

That's a lot to take in but the game is still more than 12 parsecs away so expect more information to be drip-fed to us in the future.

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So, essentially he's saying that there'll be more maps, more vehicles, more hero characters, and possibly even space combat added later - at DLC prices....

Fucking EA.