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Countdown to Zero MGSV: The Phantom Pain Gets a Release Date

By Doubleplus05-03-2015

Yes, after all this time of waiting, Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain finally has a release date. Two days ago, a countdown went up Konami said would lead up to a "Big MGSV Announcement" complete with a Phantom Cigar that made the countdown speed up with Donna Burke's "WOOOOOOOOAH HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO" from Sins of a Father also found in game, only to beep "Function unavailable" and reset to its normal time. Now the countdown has ended and it has been revealed for a Steam release of September 15th, 2015, two weeks after its console release. Its not entirely bad and there have certainly been worse post-console releases coughcoughGTAcoughcough but it still feels kinda arbitrary. What could possibly warrant the PC version coming out two weeks after the console version?

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