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Could Obsidian Make Another SW Game?

By MrJenssen09-05-2013

Here's an interesting notion. Getting Obsidian to create another Star Wars RPG. You know, like KOTOR 2. I don't know about you, but I always felt KOTOR 2 was way more ambitious - despite all its flaws - and felt like a much more rich and deep RPG than the first one. Same goes for Fallout: New Vegas. A much deeper RPG than FO3. So, another Obsidian made RPG set in the Star Wars universe. Why not? Oh, that's why not.

Well, Obsidian themselves seemed pretty interested before EA got their claws on the juicy deal. But what about now? Have they just given up? Nope. RPS recently contacted CEO Feargus Urquhart on the matter, and what he had to say about it was basically "We are certainly going to try". He would apparently love to work with BioWare and EA on a Star Wars game.

My question to Urquhart is, has he actually seen the games that have come out of some of these studios after they were bought up by EA? BioWare? Westwood? DICE? Pandemic? Mythic? Does he really want to entangle himself up with this behemoth? Especially considering how Obsidian have gone in a completely different - one might say more intellectual direction compared to many other companies owned by or in partnerships with.

Could this only be a good thing? Or is there a dark side to such a possibility?

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I'm in favor of anything that would mean Obsidian is making a game, although if they get the opportunity to I hope they'll be able to finish it this time.....