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Could Donal Gibson Be The Next Mad Max?

By MrJenssen26-07-2013

If you've seen the Mad Max movies, then you know there is only one Mad Max. When Avalanche Studios decided to make an open-world, post-apocalyptic game set in this dystopian world, a lot of gamers cheered in excitement. However,, there were quite a large amount of people who immediately started voicing their scepticism. Surely, they couldn't just let some generic American voice actor do the job of portraying the clearly Australian madman? Well, after concerns were voiced, Christofer Sundberg of Avalanche felt he needed to reassure all fans that their concerns had been heard, and that the game would indeed find a suitable Aussie voice actor. Great, right?

Well, not great enough, apparently! AUSGamers.com reports on a certain someone who caught word of this, and felt it was just too good to let pass. Donal Gibson - Mel 'Mad Max' Gibson's younger brother shown front right in the image above - sent in a demo where he attempted to mimic the voice of a man with true grit and a hunger for revenge. I must say, he did quite well. I seriously doubt there's much contest for Avalanche. Donal Gibson will be the new Mad Max. Quite befitting.

Now, to see if they can get the dog's voice actor right...

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Posts: 3290

What really struck me was the sudden downturn at the end. He was so...blase at the beginning, really understated, then it was like the entire world fell out around him and...yeah. That was quite chilling

Posts: 1317

Agreed. It's even grimmer than Mel's voice nowadays!

Posts: 3290

That was actually pretty darn good