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Corporate Efforts with the Amazing Spider-Man 2

By eremeticskeptic09-04-2014

So, there’s another Spider-Man game. There’s another Spider-Man game based on the new Spider-Man movie that’s a gritty reboot of the last Spider-Man movies (which nobody could take seriously anymore after Toby McGuire’s face became a meme) which were based off of Spider-Man cartoons which were based off of Spider-Man comics. Man, that’s a lot of spiders. Any Australian should feel right at home.

In any case, there are lots of enemies like in any other big developer game, flashy trailers, and probably “more of the same” gameplay. I’ve always had a thing against games that were based off of movies – they seem kind of trashy, almost tainted with the blatant consumerism and “lowest common denominator” tactic that big-budget summer blockbuster films also take regarding their audiences. They’re like the poor, lost, bastard children of video games, treading the line between marketing ploy and legitimate product, and always falling into obscurity.

There’s a suggestion to a particular enemy, most likely your final boss after dealing with four other puppetmaster red herrings in the game to draw out play time. Apparently you can “unravel the conspiracy and stick it to those foes personally when The Amazing Spider-Man 2 arrives on 2nd May” for PC and all consoles. Literally all of them. That’s never a good sign.

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