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Cooking, Villages, Weapons And Zeds

By MrJenssen19-03-2014

After much huff and puff over the past few weeks, it seems DayZ is finally ready to release that large patch we were told about a few weeks back. Making a jump to 0.42, the new version includes a whole host of new things, including new villages, weapons like the AKM and Colt 1911, improved animations, improved lighting, mouse smoothing fixes, respawning zombies, functional cooking and lots more. Check out the full changelog for all the changes and fixes.

Due to some serious issues involving players and zombies appearing invisible to other players, Rocket and the rest of the DayZ devs at Bohemia decided to hold off on releasing the 0.37 version to the Stable branch, and instead continued working on stabilizing and fixing the serious issues while adding in new content. By the time they were done fixing these problems, the experimental branch had already reached 0.42, so that's what we're getting now. The latest weekly report has some pictures and details about what to expect, if you're too impatient to wait for the 1GB patch to download.

The patch itself is already out and should be downloading right now if you've got Steam running in the background. See you on the killing fields!

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