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Cooking Up Combos with Remember Me

By RubyStreams22-09-2012

Capcom's 'Remember Me' intrigued gamers at this year’s E3, then added more intrigue with their gameplay footage at GamesCom, well a trailer was shown at this year’s Tokyo Game Show which highlighted an interesting feature that should incite yet more intrigue...

Combo Lab is a tool that players can use to create their own fighting style that best suits the individual playing the game. The video goes into great detail about how players will be able to create their own combos using Combo Lab.

Boasting around 50,000 different combos, Remember Me's Combo Lab is set to be an interesting feature within an equally interesting title.

Players take on the role of a female 'memory hunter' named Nilin, who has had her memory stolen and must battle Memoreyes with the help of a resistance group to claim it back.

Remember Me is a brand new IP designed by French developer Dontnod Studio with former Splinter Cell, Rainbow Six and Heavy Rain personnel overseeing the project and is due out May of next year.

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