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GC 2012: Contracting Hitman(s)

Square Enix has unveiled a new Hitman: Absolution community feature at Gamescom today. This new feature will be called ‘Contracts’ and will give players the ability to create, share and download custom hit challenges for Absolution. Contracts is not an intricate level editor, but instead will use the existing levels in the game and will allow players to then choose the targets, weapons and rules for the challenge.

"CONTRACTS was inspired by our loyal and extremely creative fans, many of whom are still finding new and amazing ways of taking out targets in previous Hitman games,” said Christian Elverdam, gameplay director for HITMAN: ABSOLUTION. “CONTRACTS mode finally delivers a way for Hitman players to fully realize both their creativity and competitive nature. Whether they’re fighting to shave off a split second from their time or combining elements and timing events to create unprecedented accidental deaths, gamers can now challenge and inspire each another with an endless variety of user-generated contracts."

This is definitely an exciting feature and is certain to add substantially to the hours of enjoyment players will be able to get out of Hitman: Absolution. Players will be able to get their hands on the game when it launches on the 20th of November 2012.

In the mean time, enjoy these new screenshots of the game.

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Posts: 240

As a huge fan of this series, I think this is pretty cool news. A level editor would have been cooler perhaps but this is good enough to be honest.

Posts: 596

Slowly I am thinking a new GPU will be needed for my PC :P
Got a GTX 460 right now, but I fear it is reaching it's limit with the games that are on their way.