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Continued DLC campaign, Free Map, Paid Weapons

By MrJenssen21-08-2014

Many players felt that Sniper Elite 3's competitive multiplayer was a missed opportunity due to the lack of inspired game modes. If you're not one of those, you'll be happy to hear that UK indie dev Rebellion have just released a free map called Plantation, and another paid weapon pack focusing on weapons from the Eastern front. You'll get a Polish SMG as well as the Russian Tokarev TT-33 pistol and the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle, if you choose to buy the DLC. The weapon DLC might seem like a ripoff considering all these weapons were available in Sniper Elite V2 and its zombie expansions already, but at least the map is free. And it sound pretty cool when you read its description out of the official announcement from the dev:

"Once again highlighting the lush variety offered by the game's North African setting, Plantation is flanked by a traversable swamp while a water wheel irrigates the surrounding areas via a network of shallow trenches, offering opportunities for stealthy movement and quick escapes. Eschewing the traditional battles for a handful of commanding views, Plantation offers an open and rewardingly complex environment encouraging snipers to think creatively about their location and movement. "

This sounds like a pretty cool map! It's only too bad then, that there aren't any interesting game modes in the game as of now, to support anything other than running around shooting people in the face until the round is over. No objectives, no teamwork, nothing.

In less irrelevant news, the second part of the game's ongoing DLC-campaign "Save Churchill" has also been released. At €6,99 or your regional equivalent, you can expect to kill more Germans in Africa and do other things that has to do with killing Germans.

"Nestled high in the outlying mountains of North Morocco, a concealed Nazi facility straddles the steep canyon sides, mass-producing a new generation of experimental weapons. But the factory hides an even darker secret – the interrogation of Allied prisoners for intelligence on the movements of the Allied leaders in the run up to the Casablanca conference. Behind it all stands Raubvogel – mastermind of the Schutzvollstrecker, a secret faction of the German military, and would-be assassin of inspirational wartime leader Winston Churchill."

So, after identifying this would-be assassin in the first part, Fairburne must now locate him in the second part. I doubt there's any surprise as to what's going to happen in part 3. It's good that the devs support the game with singleplayer (and Co-Op!) content post-release, but I believe many players find the asking price a bit too steep for a single mission. If you intend on plunking down for the whole campaign, you might as well just pick up the season pass instead. It also gives you access to all the weapon and skin-packs as well.

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