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Contingency Is A Halo Game

By JcDent04-08-2013

As our colleagues at Kotaku (oh God) noticed, a fan made Halo game for PC is in the works. It's called Contingency, it uses Cry Engine 3 and it... has something to do with Halo. It will be non-canon obviously, but it will use Halo game assets as set under Microsoft provisions. That said, the video also says that everything you see is scratch built - maybe this means that the devs were referring to the use of IP?

In any case, if Microsoft doesn't stamp them out - and it has been known to be so hamfisted lately as to leave corpses with "signs of blunt force trauma and a smoky beef aroma" - maybe PC will get a Halo game after all, despite the series being console peasant ground since they ported Halo 2 to Windows Vista.

We can only sit and wait!


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Posts: 3290

I seriously do not understand why Microsoft are refusing to port to the PC. They're not driving PC games to buy Xboxes, they're just driving them away

Posts: 228

I saw my room-mate playing Halo Wars... It wasn't anything special.

Posts: 120

Oh Halogen Mod, the things that could have been.

Posts: 3290

I think it's far more likely to be an FPS battle arena type thing

Posts: 53

Please please please let it be a decent Halo RTS on a system which it actually is meant for (cough cough Halo Wars).