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Contagion Caught Funding on Kickstarter

By acharris7711-10-2013

Great news for the fans of the Zombie Panic mods for Half Life 1 and 2. Contagion, the spiritual successor, has been funded and is being made by some of the same people. The game will be available on Steam Early Access from Halloween.

Contagion's Kickstarter was looking to raise $50,000. With 3 days still remaining, MonochromeLLC managed to raise funding of over $71,000. Contagion will host procedurally generated levels and objectives for players to complete to survive. There will also be a PvP mode, in which players will have to keep an eye out for human enemies, be it living or dead.

While contagion looks like an interesting game, will it have enough to survive in the gaming market with the competition? With zombies games being so popular at the moment, this game might find itself being eaten up and struggling to survive the hordes. Let us know your thoughts on this title.

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Posts: 123

Awesome. Can't wait to play this.

Posts: 3290

Hell yeah, more zombies!

That's exactly what we need!