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Conquer The World In Europa Universalis IV

By JcDent11-02-2013

Europa Universalis IV promises a lot of fun things, chief of which is a tutorial that can be understood by mere mortals. A bit lower on the scale of things is this trailer which has THE ENTIRE FRICKING WORLD IN GAME.

Yes, while the game is named Europa, you'll be able go anywhere and conquer any land, assuming you have the intelligence needed to play a Paradox game.

Also the 3D maps looks pretty damn sweet with mountain ranges being pretty imposing as well as showing off some of the weather patterns.

I'm excited. Are you excited guys?

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@Jenssen I see someone has a crusade going against Paradox :P

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I was never into EU3 for whatever reason. I love the Total War games, but I often end up just auto-resolving battles, so honestly EU should be right up my alley. I'm gonna have to get into EU4 when it arrives. Unless it's a buggy Paradox-mess.