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Company of Heroes Eastern Front

By SavageOcto30-11-2012

World War II is a big moment in history. Company of Heroes was a fantastic tactical RTS following the US operations after D-Day. Now the sequel takes you to the eastern front to command the Russians in the Siberian colds. The trailer above shows some in-game footage of some of the battles.

At the end the trailer lists a variety of pre-order bonuses available on Steam:

Tank Pattern Bundle
Command Pass
Theater of War Collection Set
Veteran BAdge
Guaranteed Beta Access
Tiered Pre-Order Rewards
Team Fortress 2 Items
Warhammer 40,000: Dawn of War II Retribution
Commissar Chest

As more people pre-order the game, the more items you'll receive in your bonus. As of this writing the first tier, TF2 items, has been unlocked and we're 2% the way toward tier 2, the Warhammer game. The final tier will unlock the Commissar Chest, which will grant in-game currency, XP boost, Unit boost, and the commander archetype.

Are you guys excited for the game? Will you be pre-ordering? Let us know below in the comments.

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