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CoH 2 Trailer Suggests War is Not Nice

By Mokman24-05-2013

So, interestingly enough, Company of Heroes veterans Relic have this strange notion that war is bad! Surprise, everybody. Anyway, they've recently released another action-packed cinematic trailer, which surprisingly seems to be made up of a large amount of in-game footage. As expected, the graphics are beautiful, and the model/effects details are at an amazing level. As for the story - we can fully expect it to be as grim and dark as their new setting suggests it should be - the Eastern Front, where thousands of men starve and freeze to death when they're not getting shot apart or blown into chunks. Where thousand-eyed stares are reflected off the insides of sniper scopes as bullet after bullet is poured into the unprotected heads of choice-less combatants, trudging heavily along the broken supply lines.

Yep. It seems that the gaming industry is finally starting to move away from the "hey-ho let's go kill us some Nazis and be back for tea" mindset, of which we can all be pleased.

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