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Company of Heroes 2 Reaches Turning Point

By JcDent05-11-2013

No, not the shitty FPS of the same name. Turning Point the name for one of the bigger updates for Company of Heroes 2, the somewhat disappointing sequel to probably the best RTS ever/yet. So what's in store for the bit of free content that we're getting?

Two new maps: Rails & Metal (2-4) and Lazur Factory (6-8). The latter can almost be seen in the above video – because let's be serious, ruins and snow are a mainstay of CoH2 maps. But do not despair: the World Building tool is also included, which means you can make your own maps and show Relic that they know nothing about snow or map making.

Also, the Soviet Reserve Army and German Mechanized Commanders are both available for multiplayer matches. Soviet Defensive Tactics and German Defensive Doctrine are available with e-mail registration, as e-mail registration is a thing that still happens it seems. Finally, in game chat is added, so you can now discuss which general is OP (hint: all of them except the one you're playing). And if you tire of that, you can go replay Theatre of War missions with a friend since Co-Op is now an option.

Now, when will we get the option not to write about patches and updates as big news?

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