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Company of Heroes 2 Pre-Order

By Bis18marck7021-09-2012

THQ has announced the Company of Heroes 2 Digital Collector’s Edition and their own little pre-order incentives. For customers who pre-order the game from participating retailers, two special skins for medium tanks will be available; the German Rotbraun and Soviet Leningrad.

Buying from some selected retailers, such as Amazon, will even give you access to the Closed Beta.

GAME Group customers will receive a third skin for German heavy tanks.

Steam customers will be enrolled in the exclusive Steam Pre-Purchse Tiered Reward Program which will unlock various rewards in TF2 and Warhammer 40k: Dawn of War II Retribution

Customers on Origin will receive all global pre-order incentives with the addition of the Soviet Bryansk Front vehicle skin usable on heavy tanks.

Players who buy the game by ShopTHQ will also receive all global pre-order incentives. Adding to this, they will be given the Command Pass which will entitle players to download new bonus maps for Multiplayer and take part in exclusive member’s only events. Said Command Pass will be available to all non-ShopTHQ customers as an additional purchase.

Apart from the standard edition, a Digital Collector’s Edition is available for £69.99. This will give you access to the first three SP ‘Content Packs’, the Command Pass, exclusive German Whitewash and Soviet Winter Cobblestone tanks skins and a Veteran badge that will show on your profile and make you feel special. As well as that, the original CoH and its expansion packs will be in the package.

Company of Heroes 2 is said to be released in early 2013 and focus on the bloody fields of the eastern front.

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I'm talking about prospects of the future.

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@Stuntman - that's not a bad price considering you get CoH, Opposing Fronts, Tales of Valor AND CoH 2. Not to mention the other little bits. Also, you have to remember, you don't have to buy this edition, it's simply for those willing to treat themselves. I've bought a few special's which cost around £100

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Damn it. Soon games will be 100 quid!