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Company of Heroes 2 Introduces Western Armies

By JcDent29-03-2014

Do you like Company of Heroes 2? Why? What's wrong with you? How does it feel to be the reason why we can't have nice things anymore? Anyways, the sequel to probably the best RTS ever that was so gritty and realistic in its depiction of the Eastern Front of WWII that it became more cartoonish than the titty Hitler cardgame Barbarossa, will now have a standalone multiplayer release called Western Front Armies. Priced at 19.99$, it includes the US Army and the German Oberkommando West or each army can be bought separately at 12.99$ if you're some kind of weirdo.

As expected, each army will have new infantry, team weapons (gee, I wonder how many variations of German infantry mortars are there), vehicles, upgrades and tactics. A new progression system will also be introduced, but so far its description is just a meaningless jangle of buzzwords. There will be 8 new seasonal maps too, upping the count to 31, all playable to every Company of Heroes 2 player (yes, even the Western Armies ones). Sega also mentions that there are thousands of player made maps on Steam Workshop! What they fail to mention is that, unlike the original, Company of Heroes 2 doesn't have any mods, courtesy of the devs not releasing the dev tools, probably fearing that people will make a better campaign.

All in all, I'd be extremely doubtful of multiplayer only releases, since it's never as fun as the campaigns. But Company of Heroes 2 is blessed with such a horrible one that you're not missing out by buying the truncated version. So, let's wait for June, when the expansion is going to be released.

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