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Company of Heroes 2 Doctrine Trailers

By Mokman11-07-2013

It's a well-known fact that one of the favourite aspects of the Company of Heroes series, is the limited role-playing and strategic potential of choosing a doctrine commander during the battle, leading to arguments and fights between team members over who gets to be the armour commander this time round. Different doctrines lead to vastly differing styles of play, from infantry-centric powers, to tank support, to even propaganda and artillery tactics. However, wait, there's more.

Relic has recently released four commander videos, showcasing four new types of exciting doctrines. The Spearhead doctrine, where one may "crush enemy defenses with heavy armor and powerful airstrikes. Recon enemy concentrations for mortar halftracks." The Anti-Infantry doctrine, where one can "kill or drive off your enemy's infantry forces with short-range shock troops, artillery and flamethrower tanks." The hilarious and well-loved Conscripts Support doctrine, where one may attempt to improve the strength of conscripts with "better weapons, training, the ability to repair armor, and rapid replacement of losses." (Capitalist Luxury! Comrade Stalin does not approve!) And lastly, the Joint Operations doctrine, where those who cannot decide between tanks and men and artillery simple chooses all three, allowing you to "spot your enemy and disrupt their operations, troop concentrations, and armored spearheads with artillery."

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