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Common Sense Arises in EU4's Latest Expansion

By zethalee05-06-2015

Europa Universalis IV, the world's greatest western expansion grand strategy game, has enjoyed considerable positive press since its release, as it managed to bridge the gap between larger, more complex grand strategy games and more popular 4X games. With five expansions already under its belt, EU4 looks to add even more content to the game with Common Sense, the latest expansion that brings changes to the political maneuvering that is a hallmark of much of Paradox's titles.

Some of the major changes to the game are this:
Parliments: The English crown and other constitutional governments can set up a parliament and promptly start bribing vassals
National Churches: Protestant kingdoms can bring a church into their policymaking
Deeper Subject States: More options to exploit or ally colonial outposts and smaller states
Government Ranks: The more time you spend developing your home territory, the more your government can grow

There's certainly more to come as well, in addition to the update bringing a whole host of new fixes and improvements to the base game, free of charge to all EU4 owners. No price has been announced for Common Sense at the moment, but based off of the price of other expansions on Steam, it will likely cost anywhere from 14.99 USD to 19.99 USD. Common Sense releases on June 9th of this year.

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