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Commander Mode Just Got Fruity

By MrJenssen18-11-2013

Battlefield 4 is a great game, if you're to believe our reviewers and most other people who enjoy multiplayer shooters on this planet. One of the things that set it a notch above Battlefield 3, is the re-inclusion of the commander, now in the form of "commander mode". It doesn't quite work like it did in Battlefield 2, however. You will no longer be one of the soldiers running around on the field, with the added ability to pull up a more advanced map. Instead, you join servers in what is called the "commander mode".

Up until now, this was only possible to do on the respective system you play the game on, but now Dice have finally released the promised "Tablet Commander App" on iTunes. This app will let you join servers and see the battle play out from a top-down view. The app is completely free, so don't worry about EA trying to milk you for more money. The DLCs and booster packs will surely do a good enough job on their own.

Though no equivalent app for Android tablets has yet to be released, it most certainly is in the works and is said to be launched later this month.

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Fuck you on about
Commander in BF4 is all about watching a static screen with icons on it and spamming UAV every 10 seconds and EMP every 20 seconds.

Squads ignore every single order and the Cruise missile does ~10 damage to infantry and has a mega delay so its useless against vehicles...casue they move, you know. And no one uses the supply crates.

So all you do is: Spam UAV/EMP, Supply crate (cause points you know) and promote squads for no reason til you get as much points as the #1 player in your team.