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Command Your Dragon

By Toast14-06-2013

Divinity fans rejoice! Larian Studios have now set a more solid release date for their next entry into the Divinity series, it will now be the 6th August for the upcoming RPG. They had previously stated that the game was to be aimed for a May to June release date, but this was pushed back as the dragons needed more strength in their wings, or as the developers put it, "needed a few more tweaks to their jetpacks".

To keep you entertained in the meantime, if anyone has pre-ordered the game on GOG.com then you'll gain access to the classic Master of Magic on your GOG account. As an additional incentive for fans, if you pick up a retail box copy of the game, you'll be able to claim a digital copy for your GOG.com library. Larian Studios have also promised fans that Master of Magic will have traces of the creative nature of the genre that will also be featured throughout Dragon Commander.

Are you excited for this game? Let us know below!

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