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Command & Conquer Beta Incoming

By Leigh Cobb05-11-2012

Command & Conquer, the new free to play variant from EA, is set to have a beta in early 2013, which EA promises will be the "longest running beta phase in franchise history".

A blog post on the official Command & Conquer site gives word of the beta, as well as an insight into the development process of the game itself. If you are worried about the new direction the series is taking, it is worth a read.

"So looking at where we are right now with our game and the ongoing service that comes with Free 2 Play games actually makes me believe that this game can become a great Command & Conquer. And we will be working together with you – The Fans - to make it better and better. As planned right now, the Beta will start in the first half of 2013, and will be the longest running beta phase in franchise history."

It may be a departure for the die hard fans of the series, but you can't deny there is promise there. Hopefully the dev team will deliver with a title worthy of bearing the C&C name. You can sign up for the beta on the C&C site linked above.

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Will definitely want to play this beta! Am very curious what DICE can do with CnC as a F2P!