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Command and Conquer Might Revisit Red Alert, Tiberium

By JcDent13-09-2013

Command and Conquer is going to be an F2P RTS, a sequel to Command and Conquer: Generals and an evil plot to make the CnC game lists confusing. Since we already had a game with that name.

Anyways, as you can see in the video, there's nothing that new for us. The factions are confirmed - for the umpteenth time - to be GLA, European Union and Asian-Pacific Alliance (because just saying "China" might not let it get imported to that country?). About a third of the units are the ones that we saw in Generals, a third is upgraded (as in Bomb truck looks like a nuke truck, still explodes like a garbage truck full of bathtub semtex) and a third is wholly new.

As you can see in the battle footage from the video, the gameplay hasn't really advanced in any direction since the first game, especially where massed tank charges are concerned.

Also, the Frostabite engine allows the game to look prettier (the shills in the video actually ask "Frostbite is a powerful tool to make the game look better, how are you using it?"), especially since building damage will now reflect the way it was received.

Lastly, they say that they plan to revisit Tiberium and Red Alert franchises (nothing new here), but they can't say anything specific, because the stories haven't been written yet. That's ok, you didn't really write a story for CnC4, either. I wonder how are they gonna' stick Nod in since Kane teleported all the faithful away through the alien towers. Meanwhile, Red Alert might again be rebooted through time travel, because there's nothing quite like shitting over favourite characters and established canon. On the other hand, the new timeline sucks, so might as well.

What are your opinions, dear reader?

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