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Coming Soon to a Televison or Monitor Near You... Dark Souls II!

By eremeticskeptic02-03-2014

Coming soon, to a console or PC near you, it's... Dark Souls II! The much-anticipated follow up to the original infamous game is slated for release later this year, but in the meantime, fans have spent their time (im)patiently awaiting its arrival through all sorts of fan interactions, including the above video. This isn't the first teaser we've seen for Dark Souls II, but it's certainly the funniest, in my humble opinion.

Nothing quite screams "Dark Souls fans" like a trailer for the game made to emulate a beautiful 1980's action cartoon – after all, this is a game where you're expected to prepare to die. Why shouldn't the undead warrior come back with a vengeance to take more souls? It makes perfect sense. I personally hope to see some response from Namco Bandai; after all, a game made out of these concepts would be sure to sell. If you need some satisfaction right now though, you can always pre-order Dark Souls II and continue to wait. You'll need the time to prepare yourself anyways.

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So much Blood Dragon vibe.

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Is awesome