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Come to the Kingdom, We Have Murder to Show

By Bobfish05-06-2015

After falling quiet again, Warhorse are back to wow us all over again. Offering a small in engine example of how the sword fighting will work. More importantly, the sections of the video showing first person, are in game.

Yes, that's right, that really is what the game, not just the engine running at ludicrous settings that no-one can ever hope to achieve, will look like. And it looks gorgeous. It's well past time someone made a first person combat system that doesn't just devolve into two drunken Scotsmen rolling on the floor looking for a fish supper. I'd say, only The Chronicles of Riddick managed to make it work so well, and that was without weapons. So make of that what you will.

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Still waiting on a version closer to finished before I bother diving into Deliverance more.