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Come Kickstart A Kingdom!

By MrJenssen22-01-2014

Warhorse, the newly established developer behind the newly announced Kingdom Come: Deliverance have a newly launched Kickstarter campaign running to ask people for money. A kingdom cannot be built in a day, after all, and not without tons and tons of money.

The Czech developer, with Mafia (the game, don't worry) veteran Dan Vávra in the lead, are looking to make an "open-world sandbox with period accurate melee combat", that ditches the notion that every sword-and-sandal game must have wizards or dragons or some other form of magic nonsense. No, this will apparently be a hardcore realistic medieval game, where you can traverse the land doing... whatever the hell you like, so long as the laws of physics apply.

Checking out the video embedded above, you should be getting a good idea of what to expect from the game. I don't know about you, but though it kind of looks a little too good to be true for a game so early in development, it most certainly gets me a little hyped for the final result. The studio seems pretty devoted to the realistic focus. Even adapting systems we're used to seeing in survival games like DayZ, where you need to eat and rest to stay healthy. Warhorse also seem to be inspired by CD Projekt, wanting to implement a similar choice-consequence system for their quests.

I must say, this is ambitious. And to make all this, they ask for £300.000? For you Americans, that's just shy of $500.000. Well, it appears a private investor has been funding their efforts so far. The stuff we see in the video above, apparently cost about $1,5 million. The money they've asked from backers, is to prove that the idea is viable, and that gamers want this a game like this. With people like Vávra being a veteran with open-world games and 3D artist Roman Zawada having worked extensively with the CryEngine on Crysis 3, Warhorse might just be able to pull off this crazy idea.

But of course, as often is the case with Kickstarter campaigns, it's up to the people whether we'll actually see it made.

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Posts: 120

Well, they've already met their goal. This type of game isn't really my style, but I know a lot of people who will probably like it.

Posts: 1317

I'd use the "take all my money!" meme, but I already gave them all my money.

Posts: 1548

I have a feeling it's a bit too ambitious...