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Combat Cats (No Witty Title Needed)

By Bobfish07-06-2013

"The catnip has been stolen, can you bring peace and harmony back to Kitty Island? --- RPG puzzle adventure for all ages!"

What more needs to be said? If you're anything like me, you'll spend the next three days wetting yourself laughing at the very concept. Especially if you take a look down the pledge levels on the Kickstarter page. As well as the usual copy of the game across every platfrom from mobile phones to Mac and PC, with some levels offering you both mobile and Mac/PC included (nice touch by the way) so you can keep playing away from your desk. Then there're the name in the credits tiers, starting at the $10 level. All pretty standard up to there.

Then you start looking at the $15 and above tiers. At which point you realise, as well as everything else up for grabs, you can have both your name...and your pet's name in the credits. Those...those are going to be some seriously messed up credits. I can see it now. Special Thanks: John Doe, David Jones, John Smith, Lord Gigglepuff McFluffyears the third, Michael Jackson...

So, yeah. Donate to this game and help them fighting kitties get their cat drugs back.

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