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Colonial MMO Salem Enters Open Beta

By Mokman01-03-2013

Salem: The Crafting MMO, has been placed into open beta by none other than Paradox Interactive, the now famous/infamous publisher well known for its brilliant (if flawed) games. It's a free-to-play community driven MMO developed by Seatribe, which showcases a colonial North American setting where players roleplay as pilgrims, attempting to tame the wilderness through different means, and eventually creating their own niche in the lands. What makes this game unique thought - is permanent death, a concept that I am itching to experience in an MMO.

The game, with its interesting community gameplay, has sprung up many different aspects during closed beta, ranging from a self-evolving economy, to rival towns and vigilantes - you can investigate more here, or watch the video of a documentary regarding the game. Furthermore, a live streaming event on TwitchTV will take place at around 9PM GMT, so don't miss it!

See you all in the game!

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