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Collector’s Edition Mayhem Is At An End

By Kelevandos18-04-2013

After some anxiety created by its disappearance from Steam, the Collector's Edition of Company of Heroes 2 is back on. It was taken down in connection with Relic studio ownership transfer to SEGA, leaving the players, especially those who purchased it already, insure what was going on. Now it returns in glory, for both those who purchased it already and those who want to. Moreover, we have a full list of the goodies that come in it for you, right here.

The Digital Collector's Edition includes the following:

Vehicle Skin Combo Pack:

  • 24 Vehicle Skins

Exclusive Collector Faceplate:

  • Collector's Edition Faceplate with Integrated Badge - Commander Archetypes
  • Soviet Commanders
  • Anti-Infantry Tactics
  • Conscript Support Tactics
  • Terror Tactics
  • German Commanders
  • Joint Operations Doctrine
  • Spearhead Doctrine

Commander Pass:

  • Access to Five Commander Archetype's Available Post-Launch - Theater of War Mini Pack
  • Post Launch Content Bundle

Company of Heroes Complete Pack:

  • The Award Winning Game Collection that Started it All

Plus access to the beta for those who decide to pre-order either of the editions.

For me, this seems rather encouraging and I imagine that it must be even more for the true fans of the series! For an additional 30€ we get lots of fun stuff + the complete edition of a still-great first instalment.

And you? Do you think it is rich enough for a digital collector's edition?

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