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Collecting the EVE Experience

By Bobfish19-07-2013

With the tenth anniversary right around the corner, EVE is still riding strong. The shining sat of how the pay to play model is till a viable option, despite the overwhelming consensus that F2P is the only way to go. To commemorate this (the anniversary that is) they've put together a stunning Collector's Edition box. But we've already coevered this, quite a while back in fact. This isn't news anymore. What gives?

Well, that's a good question. But if you're still asking it by this point, you may want to strongly consider talking to your Mum about that minor lobotomy you received in the fifth grade. 'Cause, y'know, there's a video embedded at the top of this page. Why am I telling you that, when you can clearly see it? Because I need more words to fill up a second paragraph before listing the contens.


Full contents:

Golden pod - so now you can die in style

Bloodlines costumes

Blueprint for a special battlecruiser

An Amarr Frigate

Amarr templar drop suits - these are permanent items so you don't need to worry about losing them in battle

Three unique amarr weapons

10 year anniversary performance CD (not the only way this will be able to be bought)

A Rifter model which doubles as a USB hub (sockets hidden in the thrusters)

Into the Second Decade book, written by Richie Shoemaker

Copy of a newly translated English version of Hættuspil - all the devs stand in for the game's art

Mystery code - unique code which will apply to things released over the next decade

For your very own USB Rifter ('cause no-one wants a filthy Amarr frigate!) head on over to the pre-order page and...well, do what you don on pre-order pages. Bake a cake, play with some kittens, roast a donkey over an open fire, you know, all the usual stuff. Oh, and maybe pre-order whilst you're there? I know I will.


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Posts: 3290

I have 6 Tech 2 Artillery cannons ready to correct anyone who says otherwise

Posts: 127

Naaaaah man, you appear to be perfectly objective and reasonable!

Posts: 3290

So...is it obvious I'm a rabidly loyal Matari yet?

Posts: 3290

It's a conspiracy!

Those bastard Amarr must have removed it!

Posts: 127

I can not find the "play with kittens" option :-( I guess they are out of kittens, so I may as well preorder the thing...