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CoD Has Ruined Shooter Players

By Fr33Lanc3r.00717-03-2013

In an interview with PCGamer, John Gibson, president of Tripwire Games opened up about the state of modern First Person Shooters, particularly the issues that Tripwire have had trying to find appeal for Red Orchestra 2 in the online multiplayer community. Gibson mentions getting a bunch of Call of Duty fans in to test the 'Action Mode' in order to, in his words 'create something that was accessible enough for them to enjoy the game—not turn it into Call of Duty, but try to make something that I thought was casual enough but with the Red Orchestra gameplay style that they would enjoy.' The results were interesting, with many players complaining about a variety of nitpicky things, with only the advice that they make it more like Call of Duty.

What really frustrated Gibson, however, is relatively how unskilled the players were - something which he blames on the compressed 'skill gap' that CoD has been fostering, with its 'whole bunch of weaponry that doesn't require any skill to get kills. Random spawns, massive cone fire on your weapons. Lots of devices that can get kills with zero skill at all.' When confronted with a game that required aiming, twitch skills and other individual abilities common to older style multiplayer FPS games, the players failed to perform, and in Gibson's words 'I don't think it's because they're incapable of getting good, I think it's because they never had to get good. They get enough kills in Call of Duty to feel like they're awesome, but they never really had to develop their FPS skills beyond that."

As someone who has never liked Call of Duty a lot, I can see a lot of sense in Gibson's words, but my internet senses tell me that there will be people who disagree. You can read the full interview and argue the point in the comments below.

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Posts: 1548

I still like Red Orchestra 2. But I also like CoD too.

Posts: 596

It's funny to hear these people talk about bad development. Red Orchestra 2 was, to me, even worse than CoD games. Heck, even Black Ops 2 is better than Red Orchestra 2. At least its fun! RO2 is poorly made and is not fun at all

Posts: 1317

Well your own laziness has ruined Red Orchestra 2, John. Two years and ONE SINGLE MAP? What happened to all the weapons, vehicles and maps you were supposed to release FOR FREE, huh? Where'd they go? A ton of the issues plagueing the game upon release are STILL present today, too.