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CoD Ghosts Multiplayer Revealed

By NAG3LT15-08-2013

Another year, another Call of Duty game, but at least Activision now targets less limited next-gen consoles as well. During the CoD Ghost multiplayer reveal event, Infinity Ward has shown the first multiplayer trailer and commented on the features of the game.

The customisation in Ghosts will differ from previous titles, as everything will be changed on soldiers a player has. Each player will start with just one soldier, but later unlock points can be spent to unlock up to ten. The appearance and gear of each soldier can be customised individually, and just like shown in the trailer – women soldiers will be available as well. It is most likely just a safe cosmetic change for Activision, unlike Wasteland 2. Every soldier has its own XP, loadout and can prestige once, without losing the gear.

On the visual side of things it is hard to say how much improvement is there. The trailer definitely looks better than previous games on consoles, but there is no word about a PC version, where the series has a less than stellar record, when it comes to performance. The movement looks quite fluid, with the knee-slide, several types of vaulting over obstacles and automatic lean added. It is quite nice that they are adding some form of lean back, but it would be nicer if it they had never removed the manual lean from CoD games on PC in the first place.

The maps themselves will be more dynamic. Some big elements of the map can be removed with explosions, like elevators or buses over the abyss. Another interesting thing is the map-wide change after using large weapons, like cruise missiles. In the trailer a whole map transformed from a normal to the destroyed state after a missile explosion. Though it is clear that such map change isn't dynamic and will happen in the same way every time.

There will be different kill streaks, called Strike Packages. Among confirmed ones are satellite enemy trackers, melee fighting suits, the infamous dog, laser guided missiles, controllable helicopter and a companion drone. The perks available to players will have different tiers, allowing choosing more low powered perks or a few very powerful ones.

There are new gameplay modes as well, to spice up the experience. In Cranked mode players move and reload faster, but have to kill to reset a 30 second countdown that will blow them up. Search and Rescue is similar to single life Search and Destroy, but teammates can revive each other by running over fallen friend's dogtags before the enemy kills them for good by doing the same. The Squads modes finally add a "new feature" to the series – battles against bots. There are several versions – from a single player version, to human vs AI squad and a survival mode. The experience gained in matches against bots counts as well, similarly to CS:GO.

Finally, there is a popular modern feature – mobile integration. CoD Elite profile can be accessed from smartphones and tablets, while some game functions can be controlled from them while playing the game. There are definitely some fun features present in Call of Duty Ghosts for a varied experience of quick online shooting. The main question is the quality of the PC version, as bad technical implementation or too restrictive walled gardens will kill it before any joy can be experienced.

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Posts: 1548

Did I just see lean?!

Also I think it looked quite cool but you know my opinion about cod games (it's better than yours :P)

Posts: 1317

Of course, it SHOULD be the same formula, if people like it. But I just can't help but feel that there's been NO fucking development at all, other than some tweaking and added functions. Am I missing something here? Isn't this the kind of stuff developers like Valve add into their games, as free content-updates? Not new $60 games?

It's exactly the same sounds, same animations for weapons, same "tick" when you hit enemies, graphics are unchanged, color palette is bland still, animations still look like they're from the early 2000s, and so on. It's two generations later. YOU CAN MOVE ON NOW!

Posts: 596

Well, it is still the same CoD that people buy by the billions. Also I bet still same PC crap (p2p, bugs, poor texture quality, and lately too bad optimisation and easily hackable for cheats).

It is too bad as it looks fun, but it definitely is nothing new. I'd perhaps buy this for PC if it would have Dedicated servers and NO p2p at all!!! But I know for sure it won't be like this and will perhaps even only be P2P matchmaking, thus making it pointless for me to even consider purchasing this game.

Also lol, I bet the ending will make CoD-fanboys have an orgasm; in the sense of OMFG you can play as a female character - so revolutionary.

Posts: 3290

I remain unconvinced

Posts: 1317

Brand new console.

Same fucking game.