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COD: Ghosts Faces an Onslaught

By acharris7713-01-2014

Well if the leaked poster at Gamestop is right, then the first DLC for Infinity Ward's Call of Duty: Ghosts has a release date. The developers have not officially confirmed Onslaught's date of 28th January 2014 yet, so please do not shoot the messenger if this is wrong, even if you are a good shot with a sniper rifle.

Looking at the poster, the DLC will add 4 new maps, which are, "Fog," "Bayview," "Containment" and "Ignition." A new weapon is also added "Maverick AR and Sniper Rifle" and the first of a four-part episodic offering in the game's extinction mode. There is no mention of price, but recent Call of Duty packs have been priced at around $15, so expect the same type of pricing here. The only down side is that this date is more than likely for Xbox release as they got the exclusive first, which kind of sucks...big time.

Update: Apparently now there is a teaser as well.

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