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CoD and BF Fight to Take Ad Space

By JcDent20-10-2013

If you're reading this website, chances are that you know what Battlefield 4 and Call of Duty: Ghosts are – or at least are promised to be. But there's a huge market segment called "non-gamers", the normal people. The untapped marked of folks who don't send death threats over "weapon rebalances". You know, the sort of folk we don't talk to. And of course the "casuals". These two groups probably know very little about both CoD ("It's what made that soldier person shoot people, right?") and Battlefield ("You stab puppies in it?"). That's why you make TV ads to appeal to their boring asses. Case in point, the two embedded videos.

First off, the live action Call of Duty one is most likely full of manure. These people are telling those around them tales of awesome video game adventures...that I'm pretty sure don't happen in Call of Duty. Maybe you fly "a helicopter around the ocean" as a sort of kill streak, but when do you launch torpedoes and stuff? Call of Duty gameplay is either killing people in half a second with guns that have no recoil or rage quitting because you can't compete with 12 years old racist kids who spent more than 100 hours practicing their gaming skills and are so high on sugar that they smell dark matter. But it's funny ("lol, that guy is getting a finger up his pooper") and has women. What else do those untapped lodes of mouth breathers need?

Battlefield 4's ad on the hand eschews inoffensive looking white people to have some guys in couches sitting and relating random snippets of their experience ("The tank shot me and missed and hit a wall!") as well as some gameplay footage that we already know by heart. There are only so many times that I can find a flying, flaming jetski spectacular. Now, while CoD talks about things happening, Battlefield show's things exploding, falling, crashing and doing other cool stuff. But some people might think that this is too intense and too demanding from their feeble, collage making, golf playing hand. Let's not kid ourselves that these ads are ever targeted at poor people. In fact, Battlefield, at least as very reductionary theories go, doesn't do anything to appeal to women, since it features none of them in the ad! Somebody notify Kotaku!

Anyways, guys and gals, what's your take on this?

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Makes you wonder who was ripping off who though. Since they both arrived at the same time, who spied on whose development? I'm leaning towards the fosh filching the DICE idea, since of the latter joined the former earlier this year.

Conspiracy theories \o/