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GC: CnC Single Player and Co-op Missions Revealed

By JcDent20-08-2013

Well, reveal might be a strong word here...

Anyways, Command and Conquer is supposed to be the newest game in the series of same name - yet this time focusing on multiplayer and being Free-to-Play. Well, that saved us from horrible writing, sure, but still, we wanted single player component, because it was always good. Well, except for Red Alert 3 and Command and Conquer 4.

As this trailer shows, the Chinese had conquered the world somewhat (or just shoved the Americans of the super power table), but now other powers are rising. The narrator says that they had to be "blind" not to notice it and he's correct - look at all the GLA tanks and helicopters and all the futuristic stuff from Europeans! Must be blind as a bat, that Chinese intelligence.

Anyways, there will be single player and co-op missions, though I'd doubt the possibility of a normal campaign. In any case, all will be made clear in 2014

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I'm wary of anything EA does at this point. If it's not microtrans it's DLC. Either way, they try to nickle and dime the living shit out of everything they make

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I'm nervous, EA + FTP = micro transactions up the wazzoo. And while we are now free from the cheesy live action scenes, I kind of began to enjoy them after awhile.