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CnC Now a Free-to-Play Franchise

By Mokman24-08-2013

I don't know what to feel about this. Well, I do know that retailers worldwide are probably having an aneurysm right now and that gamers all over are staring at the above line in varying degrees of scepticism, but personally, I don't know what to feel about this. On one hand, many game have shown us how successful free-to-play can be, with the F2P model generating huge successes across the board - and success means more room to innovate, more room to expand and to create even more great games. And God knows the Command and Conquer Franchise is well-versed in creating great games - their releases read like a top list of my favourite games, easily.

However, the statement recently released by Victory Games' general manager Jon Van Caneghem,of which is currently at work on this iteration of C&C, "The days of boxed releases are probably over," has caused me quite a distinct amount of consternation. Perhaps it is the nostalgia value, but the fact that I would never again un-box a C&C: Generals game simply fills me with a melancholic sadness.

Still, their move has been well explained, with the statement stating "We think one of our bigger markets will be Asia with this game, and there is no retail market there. And some of the games that have done really well there have followed this exact model, so we really think Command & Conquer is much more of a worldwide franchise. We have fans in every country around the world: Eastern Europe, China, you name it... We want to be able to bring this game to everyone, and I think not going the retail route was the way that we could expand our audience to a bigger audience." Yes, a viable and some might say inevitable move, let us hope that Victory Games does not take a wrong step with such a venerable franchise. Fingers crossed, people.

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F2P RTS game... hmmm... this will be something new and different. I remember though originally CoH 2 was going to be f2p but then they decided it wasn't the right direction for it and ended up going the traditional business model after all.

I am curious to see how it pans out, what will be the free component and what will be the paid component. The key to F2P games is a fair model, such as what DOTA 2 and League of Legends have. While others such as World of Tanks are far more on the borderline of fair and unfair (but improving I might add towards fairness, with more and more becoming part of the "free" experience and less requiring actual money).

Then you have other F2P games that go all out towards microdiming you at every turn and corner such as many of the popular Facebook games and even a variety of F2P PC titles.

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well that could be a bad thing lol.

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