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Cloudberry Kingdom will Rock Your World

By Mokman25-07-2013

Alright, I have to admit, when I first saw the words PEGI 7, my mind immediately threw up the alarm bells. Really? But then, the trailer progressed on, and a smile broke out on my face. This is exactly what I want. A manic, super-fast platforming game that doesn't take itself seriously, with equal elements of skill and sheer bloody-mindedness to play their parts. Cloudberry Kingdom, the name of the setting in which you will be gallivanting about in, will be invaded by Bob, the main character as he jumps about and bashes in enemies. And enemies... well, watch the trailer and tell me that that wouldn't be impossible to beat. Just what platforming geeks want.

What's more? Well, not only is there going to be multiplayer, always a fun prospect in platforming games, but there is also the King of all game aspects, character customization: AKA funny hats galore. So watch your little toon running about in deer antlers and a huge moustache as he jumps about in a screen filled with bombs - Cloudberry Kingdom is here.

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I see that this will increase my hate for platformers ten fold :D
At least the trailer is funny though.