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Clock Tower Spiritual Successor up on Kickstarter

By drcoolio34528-01-2015

Hifumi Kono and Takashi Shimizu, the disturbed men behind the Clock Tower series and The Grudge respectively are teaming up to bring horror fans Project Scissors: NightCry. Kono and Shimizu aren't the only big names behind the scenes though; people who have worked on everything from Metal Gear Solid, to Final Fantasy, to Halo are all there supporting the game's production. It might be up on Kickstarter, but this game is far from "indie," and it's full of experienced pros.

Taking place on a cruise ship full of narrow hallways and secluded spaces, you play as a woman trying to survive as a cloacked being wielding a giant pair of scissors chases after you and everyone else on the ship it seems. The game itself is taking on the form of a 3d point and click adventure similar to the Clock Tower series, just this time with 2015 levels of graphics quality and lighting effects for both a PC version and a mobile version.

Or at least it will be assuming it gets funded. There's $280,000 to go as of now with 28 days left. Everybody behind the project seem serious about making this real, so serious that they made an entire live-action teaser trailer to show it.

Exciting news wouldn't you say? Kono and Shimizu are back in action with more freedom than ever! The campaign finishes on February 23rd, so if you want to donate, be sure to do it before then. Good luck surviving until then!

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