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Cliffy B's Project Definitely Sci-Fi, Probably Involving Guns

By JcDent02-08-2013

Cliff Bleszinski - worked on Gears of War, Jazz Jackrabbit (remember that one, kids?), Unreal, your mom, etc. - hasn't been up to much since he left Epic Games last October. And then, out of the night and into the fight, it's a twitter picture (see above) and a few words:

"Here's a sneak peek at something I'm working on that has been cropped."

The picture shows a sort of sci-fi canyon (the rocks are floating - and they are not known to do that outside shitty movies about blue space Indian cats) with a river and a sci-fi-ish outpost. The foreground features a trooper and a RIB with a minigun (even Mercenaries 2 admitted that it's a stupid idea for a gunboat).

I'm guessing it's going to be a sci-fi shooter with vehicles sections, but at this stage, your guess is as good as mine.

Unless it was a "Cooking Mama and SIMs crossover", in which case your guess was way worse than mine and you should be ashamed of yourself.

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Ugh, this guy again...

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If that really is in game...well.

'Nuff said