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Cliff Bleszinski Will Open A New Studio Some Day

By Merc14-12-2012

Bleszinski announced in October that he would be leaving Epic Games after being there for 20 years. After that announcement, little was known on what he would do next. Recently in an interview with X-Play, Cliff discussed his future plans.

Bleszinski had been with Epic since he was 17 years old! So hopefully this will get the creative juices flowing once again, but he is not talking about specifics yet. Cliff has been known to make great games such as Unreal Tournament, and Gears of War. We also cannot forget about Unreal Engine 3 which was used by countless developers. Hopefully his departure means that he will work with PC games once again, but who knows at this point what he will do. What would you like to see Cliff do with his future career? Let us know in the comments.


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