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Clans of Duty

By JcDent11-10-2013

Call of Duty is the biggest name in multiplayer shooters and shitty excuse plots that take themselves too seriously. If you have twitch reflexes, an itchy trigger finger and a nervous system on a sugar overdrive, look no further. And in Call of Duty: Ghosts, you'll be able to do all that whilst banding together into player Clans.

What are the benefits of clanning up? What, besides the feeling that you belong to a group? Well, some exclusive unlocks – probably mostly cosmetic in nature – and clan battle modes. One of which even involves clan players competing to hold areas of a metagame map that would grant their clan various bonuses.

Also, in an effort to keep up with the stupid, unecessary apps that only serve to keep you in game while not actually playing it, Call of Duty will also have a companion app! You can use it to organize your clan, browse stats, chat and tell people that you're ready to play – which is usually done by planting your ass in front of a PC (or a console, if you're simple) and booting up the multiplayer.

Guns with barely any recoil and people dying in half a second were also featured, so you know you're getting the authentic Call of Duty experience.

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I honestly don't consider there to be much opportunities for teamwork in Call of Duty, at least in my experience.

Posts: 1548

I hate clans. Clans are for people that don't have a life...or money to buy more than one game.