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Clandestine Updates

By Bunnysuit22-07-2015

Clandestine has recently released an update called 0.7 which contains the following notable updates.

Better graphics for both Katya and Martin. A notably smoother, clearer interface, texture and models.

New Headquarters - This will be a place for Katya and Martin to debrief and prepare for what will happen for the next mission.

Prologue mission - A brand new and improved tutorial mode.

Custom Keybindings for those who would like to change the default ones.

Co-Op - can host both public and private games.

Type chat for those who don't have a mic. "T" is the default keybinding.

AI responds better to triggered alarms by running towards the area where the alarm was activated.

Stealth is improved by adding swapping from cover to cover

Katya will not be seen as suspicious in some areas if she wears her low profile outfit.

Early Splinter Cell fans will love how Clandestine is becoming more like Splinter Cell with every update. A full list is provided in an official Steam forum post.

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