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Claim El Dorado

By Bis18marck7026-01-2015

A lot can be said about the conquest of South America. Disease, gunpowder and betrayal played a huge role in the submission of an entire continent. Perfect then for the Europa Universalis IV expansion coming this February. Appropriately titled El Dorado, it places the player into the center role of a mad scramble for gold and riches, promising to invigorate the proven EU4 formula.

Of course, with the inclusion of a fresh theatre, new cultures, religions and nations become available to you. Take the Aztecs. Do you want to push into Mexico, or subjugate South America instead? Or choose to play a European nation and push into the Amazon rainforest with plenty of burning, looting and conquering along the way. Interesting too is that you can now customize your campaign starting nation, from starting capital, provinces and its culture.

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