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Civilize Yourself With Ideologies

By JcDent23-05-2013

Civilization V is about to get a new piece of DLC. Called Brave New World, it will add such things as new factions, trade routes and stuff...some of which are Policies and Ideologies.

This is to make cultural victory a viable and interesting option. Policies are already in-game, but now they have been expanded, somewhat remixed and got two now friends - Aesthetics and Exploration.

And once you hit the modern era and build three factories, you'll get to choose from three Ideologies - Freedom, Autocracy or Order. Seems a bit simplistic, but this is par with the simplistic course that Civ V has taken. Anyway, these new ideologies have their own wonders and special diplomatic and hopefully military boons.

Can you wait for July 12 to find out what they are?

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