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Civilization MMO Revealed, Not What You Might Expect

By Mokman08-08-2013

Okay. So apparently there was a Civilization MMO in the works all along. But it's not what you'd expect. You're not a civilization, for starters. I know, I know, settle down and let me finish the rest of this piece of news. Instead, you're a single character, one cog in the machine, helping the entire system work (or alternatively throwing a wrench into the works). Each game will be a single session, which will end after victory conditions are met.

And if this concept has not tickled your fancy, players will all have a career, which they can advance in and also help their civilization with - there will be reams of city-made content in the form of items such as clothing to cities and yes, there will be conflict. There still aren't many details out on this yet, so it's understandable if you're on the fence - but don't discount it just yet. This may be the beginning of something amazing.

Check out the full story at Massively.

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