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Civilization In Your Browser

By Kelevandos12-05-2013

Do you like Sid Meier's Civilization? Well I do, so I was really happy to learn about FreeCiv project, which is basically CiVilization I/II in your browser! It is translated into over 30 languages, supports mods and code modifications, includes 300 civilizations (!) and up to 126 players per game (!!). A must-see for the series' fan! And the best of all – it is free!

FreeCiv may be played using the power of HTML5, so directly in your Mozilla/Chrome browser, but also on an iOS device or from a downloadable PC/Mac/Linux client. It is developed on the GNU license and anyone is allowed to modify, redistribute and even profit from it! Seeing how many player modified version already are here, I see a bright community future ahead of this one!

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Neat, but I have Civ 5 so I wont be needing this lol.

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Welp, time to nuke someone!